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Get drunk until the sun rises up

Posted by Categories: News


Great if you’re a bartender, the ElectraPour is ideal for dark conditions when people are watching expectantly for their next shot! Although it can take a matter of seconds to pour a shot out, it can seem like a lifetime if you’re the one wanting to swig it down, so the ElectraPour helps to provide a nice light show to keep everyone entertained in the meantime!

We can’t claim to know all the ins and outs of the science behind the ElectraPour, but when the liquid passes through the pourer it activates the interior red LED light. Unlike other light-up pourers which simply flash when you pour, the ElectraPour actually lights up the stream of liquor pouring out of the spout!
I’m going to get one of these – turn off all the lights and serve drinks until the sun comes up.

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