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Electrapour Shining Night with Huge Wine

Posted by Categories: News

Sure, you’ve mastered all the cool bartending moves and your home bar looks like something Brian Flanagan would be proud to work behind. But do your drinks literally light up when you pour them? Now they really can with this cool little bartender gizmo.

You might ask why we celebrate for this small gadget one whole night. Because all of us love it!

Made to work in low light environments, the ElectraPour provides a mini light show (shining light)every time you pour a shot into a glass. Just pop this into your favorite liquor bottle and you never need to flip any switches. The device automatically turns on the LED lighting when it detects liquid pouring through the spout and the effect carries the beam of light from the stream right into the glass for a dazzling liquid effect.

Right now ElectraPour is shipping red, green, purple and blue LED light versions, but orange, and white colors are possible as seen on the ElectraPour website. The pourers are available direct from ElectraPour in a blister double pack for $9.99.

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