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1. what’s electrapour?

A revolutionary new LED bottle pour spout, trademarked and exclusive worldwide licensed patent owned by Shadstone Co. Ltd. This is patented product under our company name and we are OEM to produce them.
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2. what’s the kind of the package?

Package details of blue and green electrapour:
Display rack (big box – 12 Electrapours each)
Bottle top (PET material – 1 on top of the liquor bottles)
Blister pack (cardboard back, 2 Electrapours each)
Poly bag (plastic bag with 12 Electrapours and a small piece of cardboard at the top)
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3. From your web site it looks like you have different LED colours but just a single physical design?

Yes , but this is a trademarked and exclusive worldwide licensed patent owned by us. Now we are on the process of making another patented product, which is the bottle lights up when is lifted and off the table.

4. Does the product have some guarantees or warranty?

Electrapour have FDA license for the materials and ROHs for the LED batteries. Every market has their own specific standard or guarantees. We will try out best to back you up to get those warranty in your market.

5.How can I get Samples if we want to be your distributors in our market?

Please choose and tell which kinds and how many you need to test, then we need to figure out the weight and tell you how much you need to pay including shipment.
If you don’t have carrier account , prepay through www.paypal.com. Our account is hongkong@shadstone.com. This is the charge for internationally shipping by DHL express to you.
If you have your account etc., we will ship it by your account.
We usually ship 1 pcs by charging $50 for shipping-sample. If you are in the USA we can send you directly from our USA office.

6. Can I get some free samples?

You can return the samples to us at your expense if you do not have the plan to proceed further after you test the sample. Then we return your money but at least you need to order more than 10 pieces at first.

7.How can we corporate?

There are many ways.
(1) be our exclusive distributors in your area
We know It’s key to you that you are the ONLY suppliers of this in your area when you start selling this.
The prices and MOQ are negotiable. But basically the more you order , the better price we will give to you.
There is a requirement for 10,000 usd down payment, upon the application of European Exclusivity. The down payment is deductible when the first order is placed.

(2)set up a new company .

8.Your normal lead time from order to shipment?

Normally would be less than one month. It depends on the quantities you order.

9.what do you get from Electrapour?

When you become our distributor, you can use our logo, get all the promotional materials and list your company in our distributer website. ,if you are afraid that liquor companies you are talking to will come back to us as we’re manufacturer, we will lead them back to you, because of region sales agreement. Furthermore, we have already owned the electrapour.co.uk website, but we can setup the emails for you by giving you all access and confidentiality. Your company name will be listed on Electrapour. com, distributor area. It ensures you are dedicated to our product and people by clicking it, they all can see and know, besides we will have agreement signed. We also appreciated that you can send us your contract and see what we can agree on.

10. If I become a distributor, how does it work? Can I choose the price I want to sell at?

If becoming our distributor in UK, you purchase from us directly and present us, sell to retailers and end-users. We do not decide your selling price.

11.I don’t think you are the only trading house selling this item because I think other exporters have offered this as well.

Shadstone are a trading company, but as LED pourer, we are indeed the manufacturer, which explains we are looking for distributors to represent us in different countries. We signed and worked with the patent holder, so only us have the right to produce it. Who are the other exporters offering you this product so far? If they are not our distributors, then they are copying and it’s illegal.

12.Why is the shipping so expensive ? It should be just a very small box, it shouldn’t cost $50?

We usually ship 1 pcs by charging $50 for shipping-sample.Under certain weight, the shipping fee is the same from DHL,UPS etc., which is around $40, I guess you can check. We have been shipping by paying this amount to UK.

13. how to get traffic

Please press me and go to the link exchange area.

14.how to get real benefit?

There is a way we can both benefit from it. The idea is we can cooperate by linking our website to each other, adding your link on www.electrapour.com, which also will be added yours. Context can include articles, videos, pictures, blogs, your show/product, etc. Internet has brought us so much information, knowledge, convenience and business opportunity. We would like to launch a business relationship with you.