Electrapour Specifications

  • PATENTED design, worlds only LED pour spout that imparts the glow in the stream of liquor itself!
  • Minimum 4 hour battery life at full strength – that works out to less than $.05 per bottle at retail price over the life of the battery
  • Attract more attention to the drinks being poured in your bar, or an excellent conversational piece for your home bar or party!
  • We have LED electrapour with three colors: blue, green and red
  • Best when used with clear liquor in dimly lit area. NOT recommended with sweet / sticky liquors, liqueurs, or cordials
  • Prompt Shipping!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


Electrapour Specifications:

Illuminating Liquid Activated LED Pour Spout of the Electrapour can be found below – battery life, size, dimensions, packaging. If you need more information, please contact us.

Product size

  • Length: 11.5cm
  • The width: 3cm


  • LED light is red,Pour Spout is black..
  • LED is off when not pouring liquid
  • LED points out the pour spout – so that the liquid stream lights up when pouring.
  • LED is bright enough to light the liquid pouring out of the pourer
  • LED is a constant light (not blinking) when it is on
  • LED turns off as soon as the pouring is stopped

Battery Life:

  • Minimum 4 hour battery life at full strength So we calculate it works with 150 1 liter of bottles (reverse math of a 3 second pour).The Pour Spout cannot be opened. The battery is NOT replaceable
  • Battery is suitable for USA and European Union marketplace (RoHs certified)


  • The 2 metal contacts that touch the liquid should be FDA regulation approved for touch with liquid consumable materials. It should not be a hazardous or unsafe metal contact coming in contact with the liquid.


  • The plastic should be 100% virgin plastic – no recycled plastic is allowed.

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