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If you want to impress party guests, or if you’re drinking in a dark, seductive place and don’t want to make amess, the best device is the Electrapour.

Why it’s best:

It’s essentially a bottle stopper and pour spout that fits into the mouth of a standard 750 ml or 1 litre liquor
bottle. When you tilt to bottle and start to pour, it triggers an LED that continuously lights up the stream.

The tiny internal battery is good for 4 hours of pouring. It works best in dimly-lighted areas and with clear liquors rather than colored, sticky ones. Its maker likes to use exclamation points in its marketing! But its slogan “watch your guest’s face light up just as the Electrapour does” is somewhat catchy, and the device is both cool to watch in operation and a safe way to serve drinks in a dark setting.

Production Description: DozenThe Electrapour fits most standard size 750ml and 1 liter bottles, and its effect is most noticeable in clear liquors and in dimly lit areas. PATENTED design, worlds only LED pour spout that imparts the glow in the stream of liquor itself!Minimum 4 hour battery life at full strength – that works out to less than $.05 per bottle at retail price over the life of Electrapour.

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